A multiple award-winning teacher-scholarFulbright Scholar (Jordan), and champion of fieldwork and experiential education, I have held different faculty, staff, and administrative posts at several institutions since beginning my journey into higher education over two decades ago. As a Geographer, I have difficulty separating the physical from the human, and routinely engage with both simultaneously. Broadly speaking, my specialties include (urban) geomorphology (“Science of Scenery”), landscape studies, and (cultural) stone/rock decay. Expertise in humanistic geography, rock art, soils, and curriculum/program development & assessment round out my topical background. Though well-known for research in those areas, it’s really teaching that feeds my soul. So, I continually strive to connect geographical/spatial concepts with everyday life by including some type of in situ, hands-on component and/or activity with/in the landscape. Whether that means fieldwork in the US Southwest or Arabian Desert, exploring the world via Geography by Rail®, incorporating citizen science & community engagement into my research, observing around campus, or just looking out a window, it’s all about increasing appreciation for, and understanding connections between, Earth’s places, life, and landscapes.

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