A Little About Case...

“Success is a process, not an event.”

- Casey D. Allen -

A rural-raised, first-generation college student and multiple award-winning teacher-scholar, my experience outside academia includes being a cook, stagehand, video game technician, naturalist, stock boy, survey engineer for a mining exploration company in Latin America, general farm work, janitor, and various retail positions (among other exciting gigs, including a limited engagement on Broadway opposite Carrie Fisher!). Since turning my focus to academia, I have been a professional academic advisor, created and supervised several successful and award-winning academic, support, and student programs, been a Fulbright Scholar, National Science Foundation Fellow, Early Career Scholar (Geographic Education), and earned awards for excellence in teaching, research, and service, including the Higher Education Distinguished Teaching award from the National Council for Geographic Education.


Its said that Aristotle told Alexander to, “Go and see...”, and thats has been my mantra since childhood it seems, even before “discovering” Geography. And this continuing penchant for travel, exploration, and discovery keeps me broadly trained and allows me to pursue a myriad of research all over the world (sometimes with students in tow). In a nutshell, I use my expertise in landscape studies, the Science of Scenery (geomorphology at large), and humanistic geography, to help people better understand, appreciate, and assess the world around them. Regionally, my specialties include Arabia (I was Fulbright Scholar to Jordan), Latin America and the Caribbean (the Lesser Antilles and Andes more specifically), Japan, and the Western US (including US-Mexico borderlands) – though I do have a solid grasp of other regions, including most of Europe, having spent significant time working, living, and studying in various places around the globe.

For more than two decades, I have held different faculty positions at several universities – including earning tenure at the University of Colorado before serving as Lecturer in Environmental/Earth Science for the Faculty of Science and Technology at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados (yes, the Caribbean!) As Associate Director of the Stone Heritage Research Alliance, I also collaborate with colleagues on projects around the world –  from Barbados to The Republic of North Macedonia and the US to Jordan.

On a personal note, I enjoy a cold & frothy root beer, desserts, the outdoors, music stylings of Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, & “Weird Al”, movies, lean and meaty steaks, basketball, True Love, playing in the dirt, Theatre and musicals, hot chocolate, softball, nutmeg, gray, music and the Arts, roaming in the rain, volleyball, sci-fi/fantasy, wandering through a landscape, and the Oxford Comma. For even more about me, click on a tab:

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