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“The only original things we ever do are mistakes.”

- Billy Joel -

When it comes to education, I believe students represent the most important component. All I want to do is offer them the best possible product, coupled with a worthwhile yet cost-effective educational experience that helps them become keen Speculators, Observers, Describers, and Analyzers of their world (see my SODA model for more). In my eyes, student success remains the center of education, and my experience and expertise revolve around it. That’s why I chose Academia as a career. And I help students in three main ways: teaching, advising, and mentoring. I work diligently to stay proficient in each while helping students see their landscape anew. I also actively promote student engagement, such as co-authoring peer-reviewed research with them, or serving as Editor for The Geographical Bulletin, The  International Geography Honor Societys peer-reviewed journal that helps promote student research in geography and related fields.





Ultimately, I remain content that (when) my students (decide to work hard!) produce utterly fantastic results. Like my incredible PhD advisor, I too have been privileged to work with some truly outstanding minds. Whether they successfully garner funding for a research project, publish in a peer-reviewed journal, gain admittance to competitive graduate programs, discover the joy of fieldwork, effectively complete independent research projects, or obtain a solid internship and after-graduation employment, I just want them to succeed and enjoy what they do. So I stand ready to help any way possible. Truly, I live to serve them. Its what I do. Its who I am at my core.

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