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“The only original things we ever do are mistakes.”

- Billy Joel -

When it comes to education, I believe students represent the most important component. All I want to do is offer them the best possible product, coupled with a worthwhile yet cost-effective educational experience to help them become keen Speculators, Observers, Describers, and Analyzers of the world (see my SODA model for more). I chose Academia as a career because I want to help students succeed. So, if student success represents the center of education, then my experience and expertise revolve around it. And I work diligently to promote active student engagement, such as co-authoring journal articles, or serving as Editor for The Geographical Bulletin, The International Geography Honor Societys peer-reviewed journal that publishes student research alongside established scholars' work.





Ultimately, I remain content that (when) my students (decide to work hard!) produce utterly fantastic results. Like my incredible PhD advisor, I too have been privileged to work with some truly outstanding minds. Whether they successfully garner funding for a research project, publish in a peer-reviewed journal, gain admittance to competitive graduate programs, discover the joy of fieldwork, effectively complete independent research projects, or obtain a solid internship and after-graduation employment, I just want them to succeed and enjoy what they do. So I stand ready to help any way possible. Truly, I live to serve them. Its what I do. Its who I am at my core.

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