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“If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.”

- Wittgenstein -

Academia often forces people to choose a very narrow specialty within an already-narrow sub-field, even while touting the need for broad applicability. I eschew this restrictive practice – as I argue in this Op-Ed for the American Association of Geographers, Chapter Two of my book, & elsewhere – and instead choose to focus on bridging perceived divides between physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities. In fact, my books and peer-reviewed research span the discipline’s gamut, as this list of publications demonstrates. I’ve also been an invited reviewer for numerous books, articles, and grant proposals, served in multiple advisory capacities, presented my research or been an invited speaker over 60 times at different professional events, authored nearly five-dozen peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and penned over two-dozen commentary and (invited) commission pieces. Alongside these accomplishments, I am also Associate Director of the multi/trans/interdisciplinary Stone Heritage Research Alliance.

Current, Ongoing, and Past Projects

Geomorphology & Rock/Stone Decay Science:

  Exploring the Science of Scenery...


Experiential Education:

  Promoting in situ learning at all levels...


Humanistic Geography:

  Appreciating the sense and spirit of place...


Other Interests & Projects:


  • Aesthetics and Architecture

  • Area Studies (Arid Lands, Caribbean, Europe,
    Latin America, Japan, US West)

  • Botany (and Phytogeography)

  • Curriculum Development and Assessment

  • Digital/GeoHumanities & Popular/New/Social Media

  • Field Studies/Methods/Techniques

  • Geographic Thought & Epistemology

  • Medieval & Renaissance Cartography

  • Mythology, Religion, & Belief Systems

  • Rock Art and Geoarchaeology